Course Description

This 30-minute webinar discusses how to strengthen the use of your hands as a therapeutic tool in the treatment of children. The lessons provide practical tips on depth of touch as well as facilitating movement using 9 different key points of control. The purchase price includes 60-day access to the webinar and an ebook as a permanent reference. $9.95 USD

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Therapeutic Hands and Handling ebook

    • Therapeutic Hands and Handling

  • 2

    Making a Beginning

    • Making A Beginning

  • 3

    Depth of Touch

    • Depth of Touch

  • 4


    • Hip Extension in Prone

    • Trunk control: Upper trunk

    • Trunk control: Upper and lower trunk

    • Trunk control: Shoulder girdle

    • Trunk and humeral control: Shoulder girdle and upper arm

    • Humerus control: Upper arm

    • Trunk and hip extension control: Lower trunk

    • Glute max in standing

    • Head alignment: The occiput

  • 5

    Wrap Up

    • Wrap Up

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