Shelley Mannell

Shelley is a knowledge seeker, problem solver and international speaker with a propensity to read scientific articles for clinical insight. Her mission is to bring research into compassionate practice. As a Physical Therapist and owner of HeartSpace Physical Therapy for Children in St. Catharines Canada, Shelley helps connect children to their own bodies and raise their awareness of movement. Shel has been helping children and families on their journey to independence for over 30 years. Shelley has shared her knowledge and experience with clinicians around the world. Making sense of complex ideas and delivering contemporary information about postural control with a touch of humour, Shelley's topics are of interest to a wide range of professionals. Shelley is passionate about finding and developing approaches to enhance therapy and is certified in both Neuro-Developmental Treatment and Sensory Integration. She is also the co-creator of Dynamic Core for Kids, an evidence-based approach to central stability for children with motor and sensory challenges.